Online hacking

I have been a subject to online hacking for a long time now but since the past two-three years, its just been ridiculous. All my accounts, emails, phones have been hacked, information leaked and used to bully, silence, belittle and make fun. Retrospectively thinking about it, I believe my phone and iCloud account has been hacked and leaked for at least four years. Maybe it’s been more but in the past four years, information has been used to harm me. And there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. I have tried everything suggested: changing passwords, resetting accounts, resetting phones, getting a new phone, making new accounts, new apple ids, talking to apple care, cellphone service provider, making complaints to FCC, police but apparently no one can help. If this happened to you and you realized it has been happening for more than four-five years and it’s been absolutely viral and crazy for atleast past three years, what would you do? Would you just bury your head in the sand and keep going on as if nothing is happening and your life is absolutely fine or would you try everything in your power to find out more about it even if it meant being bullied, silenced or alienated?

Every time I have tried complaining about this, I think it hurts the ego of my hackers, so they come back with more hate, bullying and belittling. And the people I complain to ask for evidence. Now if I had the power to hack back my hackers to get evidence, I wouldn’t really be having this problem would I? Also, if there is no fraudulent activity or purchases but information is still used to harm you, cause emotional distress and harm your personal and professional reputation, does that mean it’s fine to access and monitor? And it’s ridiculous to think it should be fine for this to go on and have people cheering and supporting this endeavor. But that is what has been happening. After having tried all possible solutions, I have sort of given up on resolving this. I call this my Coronavirus and no there is no vaccine for this particular pandemic. So what does that mean? Do the hackers, bullies and their cheerleaders and sidekicks win? Sad isn’t it?